Things I Love and (former) Black Friday Deals

Welcome to Pen & Die’s list of new things I love and Black Friday Deals! I’m focusing on supplements or games that work well with solo/co-op playing, whether they be physical materials or digital. This list originally was put together for Black Friday, but I’ve opted to leave it up as it still has great stuff on it even if they’re no longer on sale.

FlexTale Solo Image Oracle Bundle

The FlexTale Solo Image Oracle Bundle comes in first. This recent publication from Infinium Games Studio brings a ton of inspiration to the solo game. Using broad concepts pulled from meaningful images, this supplement provides all sorts of answers to your gaming questions whether it’s describing the mentality of an NPC to what sort of quest/mission your character will be sent on. The Bundle comes with four different oracles, each using a d66 roll to generate answers and concepts. The bundle is currently on sale for 25% off. Infinium also has numerous other titles on sale including the excellent Infinite Adventures Omnibus and other solo focused supplements. You can find their publisher page here.

Fudge Dice

These simple six-sided dice each have two plusses, two minuses, and two blank sides on them. I’ve become very fond of using them to determine the difficulty of my roll targets. For Shadow of the Demon Lord for instance, depending on how critical or difficult the scene is, I roll a number of the dice with each plus being a boon and each minus being a bane. This gives an extra element of randomness so I don’t have to decide target numbers. This set comes with 20 of these dice and it’s $2 off right now.

Sine Nomine Games

Kevin Crawford’s Sine Nomine Games is having a huge sale on nearly all of their games and materials. Included are Scarlet Heroes (with fantastic built-in solo rules and generators), Cities Without Number (the new cyberpunk RPG, you can find our feature here), Worlds Without Number, Godbound, and many more. The deluxe versions of these games contain additional tables, classes, and rules that add a lot of flavor to your adventures.

DungeonMorph Cards: Cities, Ruins, and Villages

This one isn’t on sale but is still one of my favorite new things that I’ve gotten. These 90 cards can be laid out randomly to create a new city, ruin, or village for your adventures. I’ve used them numerous times just to get an idea of what a village looks like or for street crawls like you find in the Mörk Borg supplement Solitary Defilement (also on sale right now).

Sandbox Generator

Atelier Clandestine has created an enormously useful supplement in the Sandbox Generator. Solo players can use it for hex crawls, creating villages, wizards, and even coats of arms. This one will add lots of detail and interest into your games. Atelier Clandestine makes a lot of useful little supplements so it’s also worth checking out all of the other titles that they have one sale.

Mythic Game Master Emulator 2nd Edition

Mythic, one of the biggest names in solo roleplaying, presents a ton of their titles on sale. Perhaps most poignant is the newest edition of the big emulator. It’s not the simplest system, but it can really help run a lot of different types of games across different genres. I really like this particular edition as it comes with tons of options to complicate or simplify your game as you desire. It also contains a TON of tables for inspiration. If you’re still looking for more, they also have their Mythic Magazine bundles on sale as well as the older versions.

Across a Thousand Dead Worlds

From Blackoath Entertainment comes Across a Thousand Dead Worlds. This procedural sci-fi game lets you play solo, co-op, or in a refereed group. Loaded full of tables, this game brings a huge amount of variety and interest to a sci-fi exploration and horror game. The publisher also has other solo games on sale on their publisher page.

That’s all for now but I will try to add some additional interesting items when I get a chance. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

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